Pittsylvania County's 250th Anniversary


Welcome to the website of the Pittsylvania Historical Society. We believe that Pittsylvania County has an extensive and complex history. None of it should be forgotten or allowed to fade in ruin, whether it be structures, artifacts or written documents.

The Society is involved in many significant ongoing projects for members to enjoy while sharing Pittsylvania's rich historical heritage with both members and the general public.

Collecting, restoring and preserving artifacts is a major ongoing task of the Society. Most of these items are stored at the 1813 Clerk's Office in Chatham, the Society's meeting place and museum.

Two major efforts are under way: the restoration of the Chatham Train Station which will house the county's Veteran's History Museum, and the administration of the Melton Endowment Grant (supported by the Foundation of the Dan River Region) to support individuals conducting research to document information about people, places and events significant to the county's history.


Yates Tavern Special Event

Saturday July 15, 2-4 p.m. See Calendar for more information

For questions email pco1767@gmail.com

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