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Pittsylvania Historical Society invites you to join us in our commitment to continue "Preserving Pittsylvania's Past."

The Society is involved in many significant ongoing projects for members to enjoy while sharing Pittsylvania's rich historical heritage.

Collecting, restoring and preserving artifacts is a major ongoing task of the Society. Most of these items are stored at the 1813 Clerk's Office in Chatham, the Society's meeting place and museum.

Annual sponsorship of the Callands Festival attracts thousands to the County. The event is held in early October on the historic grounds of the 1767 Clerk's Office and Samuel Calland's Store in Callands west of Chatham.

A major project under way by the Society is the restoration of the Chatham Train Station which will house the county's Veteran's History Museum.

To continue documenting the county's history, the Society has funded the Melton Endowment Grant through the Foundation of the dan River Region. This grant is awarded to individuals conducting research to document information about people, places and events significant to the county's history.

Meetings are held quarterly, offering programs of interest. Members receive the Society's magazine The Pittsylvania Packet which contains articles and queries. It was first published as The Quill Pen in August 1982. The name was changed to the Pittsylvania Packet in August 1991. Today's circulation is over 400.

Members are valuable to continue to work of the Society. We welcome meeting participation, volunteers, board service, queries, historical writings, photographs, artifacts and a sharing of time, interest and energy.

Our dues and the generosity of donors are what keep the Society going. The work of the Society is what keeps us interesting.

Please join us.

Membership classifications for the Pittsylvania Historical Society are:

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Annual dues

Contributions to specific projects are welcome, are acknowledged, and tax deductible.

To join the Pittsylvania Historical Society, send check or money order to:

Membership Secretary
Pittsylvania Historical Society
P.O. Box 1148
Chatham, VA 24531