Clement, Maud Carter. The History of Pittsylvania County.
$25.00 + shipping
Hurt, Frances. An Intimate History of the American Revolution in Pittsylvania County
$15.00 + shipping
Hurt, Frances. Eighteenth Century Landmarks of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
$11.00 + shipping
Dodson, Roger. Footprints from the Old Survey Book.
$16.00 + shipping
Fitzgerald, Madeline. Homes and People of the Past.
$18.00 + shipping
Jones, Langhorne, Jr. The History and Development of Competition.
$11.00 + shipping
Jones, Langhorne, Sr. Tales About People in a Small Town.
$7.00 + shipping
McCann, Kenyon. A Cruel Wind Blowing. (fiction)
$12.00 + shipping
Melton, Herman. 18th Century Grist Mills of Pittsylvania County.
$23.00 + shipping
Melton, Herman. 19th Century Grist Mills of Pittsylvania County.
$23.00 + shipping
Melton, Herman. Pittsylvania County's Historic Courthouse: the story behind Ex Parte Virginia.
$13.00 + shipping
Melton, Herman: Thirty-nine Lashes Well Laid On: crime and punishment in southside Virginia, 1750 – 1950.
$22.00 + shipping
Payne, Lucille. Pittsylvania County Inventories and Accounts Current.
$35.00 + shipping
Pittsylvania Historical Society. Visitors Guide to Early Industry in Pittsylvania County.
$7.00 + shipping
Pittsylvania Historical Society. Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg
$5.00 + shipping


Note Cards (package of 5) $5.00 + shipping each
Callands Clerk's Office Pittsylvania County Courthouse Pittsylvania County Flag
Pittsylvania County Courthouse cutout
$20.00 + shipping
Flue-cure Tobacco Barn
$20.00 + shipping