William Pitt

William Pitt

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Pittsylvania Historical Society shall be "to bring together those individuals, businesses, organizations, and governing bodies that are interested in preserving historical facts, artifacts, buildings and environs, and historical material concerning the past, present, and future of Pittsylvania County.


Current Board Members


William Black

Betty Camp


Carol Motley

Recording Secretary

Mary Catherine Plaster

Membership Secretary

Langhorne Jones, Jr.

Board Members:

Larry G. Aaron
*Elise Allen
*Norman Amos
Virginia Chapin
Mack Doss
Glenn Giles
Jerry Grubb
George R. Harper, Jr.
Cynthia Hewett
Henry Hurt
Desmond Kendrick
H. Victor Millner, Jr.
Alice Overbey
Kenyon Scott
Suan Worley

*Directors Emeritus


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