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The Pittsylvania Packet

Pittsylvania Historical Society members (and presidents) Neil and Lucille Payne created and edited a quarterly journal for the society entitled The Quill Pen. The first issue was published in August 1982.

The Paynes continued producing The Quill Pen until May 1991.

The name was changed to The Pittsylvania Packet in August 1991, and continues today with a circulation of over 400 member-subscribers. Editors since 1991 have included Herman Melton, Preston Moses, Lisa Mullis, Lindy Conner and Sarah Mitchell.

The Pittsylvania Packet contains articles and photographs of historical note to the county along with announcements about upcoming events. It is printed quarterly and mailed to Society members.

Article submissions of interest to Society members are welcome. Members may also submit genealogical querries to ask for ancestral information from other society members.

Mail submissions to Sarah Mitchell, Pittsylvania Historical Society, P.O. Box 1148, Chatham, Va., 24531.